What kind of doctor treats leg edema?

edema in the leg
by KTesh

What kind of doctor treats leg edema?
I have Lupus and symptoms are like RA. In the last year, I have had bad leg edema and my Rheumatologist took me off Celebrex thinking that was causing it. Swelling went down but is still there and it hurts to walk/move/etc. They did prescribe me tablets for 1 month for fluid over year ago, but I need this swelling GONE. Last week I also all of a sudden got a rash on both legs and one of my arms.

What other medications are you taking? because it sounds like a medication causing this, If your Rheumatologist hasnt got it better then you can seek a cardiologist-leg edema is sometimes caused due to your heart not pumping the way it should, but there are also several things that can cause it so please dont let me scare you keeping your legs elevated above the level of your heart such as laying down on the bed and having them elevated on pillows should help, it if you are taking prednisone this could be the cause and/or prednisone can be used to treat this type of swelling as well. sounds crazy but its true alot of times the problem that medication is supposed to treat is also a side effect-for example phenergan which is taken for nausea and vomiting can cause nausea and vomiting as a side effect. I hope this has helped in some way. Good luck

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edema in the leg

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edema in the leg

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  1. My swelling is present even with the use of compression socks. It gets worse with activity, not better. I swell so bad that I hurt all the time now. I have been on Lasix, Bumex, Spirnolactone, and dyazide. I have been dealing with this since 2001 and all doctors have told me to walk and elevate my legs. I do that for as long as possible. I have done everything but stand on my head and nothing works. Where is a specialist located? I have seen cardiologists.